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Hydraulic Dragon Saw HDS 60 Concrete Hand Saw

Hydraulic Dragon saw with optional 8 or 12 gallon per minute motor.  With ½” quick disconnect hose and fittings at a weight of 29.8 lbs. allowing you to cut up to 16” deep with a 20” blade.  First ever hydraulic hand saw capable of cutting that deep with one blade, extend up to three times faster than chain sawing, even more importantly diamond blade life up to five time longer!

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Price: $6,295.00

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Price: $6,295.00

Product Information

Hydraulic Dragon Saw HDS 60 Concrete Hand Saw

Wet Cutting required, use only in precut material to ensure safe operation.  Suggested mobile power unit models CB18, CB20, CB21 or CB35. 

Product Sheet     HDS60 & GDS60 Parts List     Blade Removal Parts List


Vacuum: No
Saw Model: No
iQ Package: No
Soff Cut Saw: No
Hepa Certified Filter: No
Joint Profile: No
Tank Sensor: No
Storage Life: No
Tension Load: No
Cure Time: No
Length: No
Tile Size: No
Attachment: No
Ring Blade: No
Cut n Break Blades: No
Grade Quality: No
Blade Series: No
Diameter: No
Segment Width: No
Material to Cut: No
Aggregate Hardness: No
HP of Saw: No
Extension Wings: No
Oil Guard: No
Water Tank KIt: No
Neoprene Kit: No
Grit: No
Track Feet: No
Segment: No
Shape: No
Size: No
Voltage: No
K 6500 & PP 65: No
Bond Type: No
Power Supply: No
Blade Guard: No
3-Speed: No
Soft Start: No
E-Trac: No
Clutch: No
Hydraulic Motor: No
Whip Hose: No
Bar and Chain: No
Arbor Size: No
Skid Plate: No
Catalytic Converter: No
Vac Pump: No
Shank: No
Opening Width: No
Power: No
Maximum HP: No
Engine: Hydraulic
Air Flow, CFM: No
Air Watts: No
Lift: No
Inlet Size: No
Amp: No
Torque: No
Capacity - Concrete Drilling: No
Capacity w/ Core Bit: No
Impact Energy - Joules: No
Impact Energy - ft. lbs.: No
Blows per Minute: No
No Load Speed: No
Overall Length: No
Cord Length: No
Bit Type: No
Tying Speed: No
Ties Per Coil: No
Number of Wraps Per Tie: No
Re-bar Size: No
Drill Steel Shank: No
Drill Steel Length: No
Drill Bit Diameter: No
Max Drill Depth: No
Drill Distance From Top of Slab: No
Minimum Cutout Width: No
SCFM Required: No
PSIG Required: No
Operating Weight: No
Plate Size WxL: No
Amplitude: No
Centrifugal Force: No
Exciter Speed: No
Compaction Depth: No
Travel Speed: No
Compaction Area: No
Horsepower Range: No
Equipment Type: Hand Saw
Quality: No
Material: No
Blade Purpose: No
Diamond Depth : No
Segment Height: No
Segment Base: No
Bond Type: No
Grit Options: No
Power Source: No
Voltage: No
Phase: No
Max Capacity, GPM: No
Discharge Connection: No
Cutting Method: Water Required
Max Head: No
Solid Diameter: No
Casing Material: No
Wear Plate Material: No
Rated Output, Watts: No
Cycle: No
Grinding Pressure: No
Grinding Width: No
Grinding Disc: No
Grinding Disc Speed: No
Starter: No
Arbor: No
Max Depth of Cut: 16" with 20" blade
Bladeshaft Diameter: No
Bladeshaft RPM: No
Blade Flange: No
Blade Mounting: Ring Style
Blade Raise / Lower: No
Blade Shaft Bearings: No
Engine Cooling: No
Air Filter: No
Drive Speed: No
Transmission: No
Number of Belts: No
Handlebar Adjustment: No
Flow, GPM: 8 or 12
Pressure, PSI: 2,000 (2,500 max)
Wheel, Front: No
Wheel, Rear: No
Warranty: No
Recommended Generator: No
Weight: 30.0000
Hose Set: No
Hydraulic connections: 1/2" hose (appx 12" length) 1/2" fittings
Hydraulic oil capacity: No
Fuel capacity: No
Dimensions: No


  • Only hand saw capable of cutting up to 16” deep in concrete or block
  • Best power transfer to blade – where it’s needed
  • 1/3 less cutting cost than chain sawing
  • Up to three times faster than chain sawing
  • Diamond blade lift up to five times longer – saves you money
  • Minimum blade diameter 16” – cutting depth 12”
  • Maximum blade diameter 20” – cutting depth 16”
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