Arbortech General Purpose Blades

Arbortech Delivers
Offering extreme levels of precision, control, and accuracy, Arbortech blades and saws are ideal for masonry work and electrical installations. For contractors in the business of brick and mortar, Arbortech provides the ASI70 saw that makes the job of brick and mortar tuck-pointing fast and easy while leaving no remnants of dust.

Ace cutting offers a variety of Arbortech blades and saws including general purpose blades, plunge blades, head joint blades, heritage blades, and caulking blades for all masonry projects.

Models and Specifications
Arbortech general purpose blades are offered in traditional and XL sizes. The traditional blade the ability to cut 4.5” deep and ¼” wide cuts using innovative tooth and carbide formula material quality. The XL blade, only compatible with the AS170 saw can cut 6 ¾” deep. The plunge blades utilize a similar design with the difference being the blade’s ability to 4 ¾” deep and 9/32” width cuts, making it ideal for single brick cuts. Looking into head joint blades, this product offers 3” Max Depth cuts and is optimal for vertical joint mortar removal as well as heritage restoration. Best for heritage restoration is the Arbortech heritage blades which allow contractors to cut 1 ⅜” deep and ⅛” wide. Lastly, the Caulking blades allow waterproofing and masonry contractors to remove caulking in concrete tilt ups, parking lots, etc.

Ace is the Place
Ace Cutting offers these Arbortech blade and saw models for contractors of every trade including concrete cutting, masonry, waterproofing and more. Aside from brick and mortar, Arbortech has the ability to cut aerated concrete, limestone, composites, roots & buried wood, fibre board, as well as plastic. If you are interested in all that Arbortech blades and saws have to offer, contact Ace Cutting today at (888)-283-2597.

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