The CC1800 Gas Push Concrete Saw by Diamond Products

CC1800 Gas Push Concrete Saw - Diamond Products

Being a concrete contractor requires not only knowledge of what type of tools will perform best for the job, but also knowledge of the optimal tool brand and model. Coming unprepared to cut a larger slab of concrete with inadequate equipment will not only slow you down, but also increase expenses.

When it comes to slab sawing, powerful tools are essential to making sure that you can saw on a flat horizontal surface to get the cleanest cut possible. Walk-behind saws capable of slab sewing can be powered by diesel, electric, gas, or hydraulic motors depending on the type of saw you have and its intended usage. With the right tools, you will be properly equipped for larger jobs such as city roadways, bridges, and airport runways.

Going Diesel Powered

In order to cut larger pieces of concrete, you need to make sure you are using a saw with a blade deep enough to cut the surface you are working on. The FS7000 Husqvarna Diesel Concrete Saw is a perfect walk-behind saw that comes equipped with a 42” blade capable of cutting 17.5”. It includes a Tier 4 74 HP Duetz diesel engine that maximizes power and efficiency on the production field and also incorporates a control system that allows instinctive operation. This concrete saw is also equipped with a digital display dashboard, allowing you to view various functions of your saw and monitor them during a project. 

Going Gas Powered

In some instances, the diesel saw can be too powerful or too big for a job. That’s where the gas powered CC1800 Push Concrete Saw comes in. This model is a medium-size walk-behind saw incorporating powerful features into a portable frame. It comes with a 20” blade enabling it to cut to a depth of 8” alongside an electric start motor. This device offers multiple power options and provides easy access to the battery. It even comes with a heavy-duty isolator switch enabling you to check the life of your battery, thereby preventing battery drain on your saw. Its self-aligning blade and a handlebar adjustment provide contractors ease of use with every project.

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