3” HSZ3.75S Tsurumi Submersible Trash Pump with Float.

3” HSZ3.75S Tsurumi Submersible Trash Pump with Float

There are a variety of different uses of water pumps. Whether it is for agricultural irrigation, residential cleaning and pumping, or industrial dewatering, the list goes on. For construction usage, dewatering pumps are the machine of choice. In many cases, they are essential to have in areas of high rainfall or where elevated groundwater table levels are prominent. Here, water can be easily pooled into an excavation site and cause delay on construction.

When working in concrete masonry, industrial dewatering pumps are important for driving water from areas where foundations may be laid, cellar space excavated, or high water table levels are present. There are a multitude of dewatering pumps on the market with different applications and fuel operations to meet the needs of various jobs. It is important for contractors to understand their pump’s applications and the situations a pump is best suited for.

Electric Trash Pumps

At excavation sites where there is a large body of water, portable trash pumps are frequently utilized. These pumps, like the Tsurumi Electric Trash Pump series, work to extract water that can be comprised of solid waste, sand, and debris. Trash pumps are the best choice for everyday dewatering use by contractors as they are engineered with a centrifugal pump to move high quantities of water with ease and little maintenance. Depending on the excavation site, submersed or non-submersed trash pumps can be applicable.

We offer four models of Tsurumi Submersible Trash Pumps, including the 2” HSZ2.4S with Float and the 3” HSZ3.75S with Float. The float switch addition allows contractors to operate their trash pumps automatically without constant attention. Depending on the project, the float switch can benefit the operator by minimizing project labor and time.   

Electric Dewatering Pumps

Apart from the electric trash pumps for everyday use, we offer a number of single phase electric submersible dewatering pumps as well as the three phase LB 480 Electric Submersible Dewatering Pump for difficult projects in confined space. The single phase models include a large output motor with abrasion-resistant materials which allows the machine to perform with pump power equivalent to three-phase models. The LB 480 model features a slimline design that allows contractors to easily reach into 8” pipes. The pump comes with a top discharge system that allows for maximum motor cooling, making it one of the most durable and efficient submersible dewatering pumps. These pumps are ideal for contractors working in constrained areas with minimized noise and cost operation.

Find the Right Pump for Your Project

No matter the concrete excavation project, submersible dewatering pumps can be a vital machine to extract liquid with sediment and other debris. If you are interested in learning about the right dewatering pump for your project needs, contact Ace Cutting at 888-283-2597. Don’t let water delay you from your job goals, invest in a dewatering pump today.

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