One of the fastest-growing concrete trends today is decorative concrete overlay. These beautiful designs take cement from plain to exquisite, drawing out elements of your home that can ultimately help increase its resale value!

When it comes to concrete overlays, one of the most important steps in the process is making sure that the cement is ready for overlay application. Without proper preparation of the concrete, any aspects of its original application that were not handled correctly will be brought to the surface no matter the technique you are using. If this happens, your overlay work will be more or less useless and call for more repairs. 

Check for Cracks and Moisture

The most important part of preparing concrete for an overlay is making sure to check thoroughly for any existing problems with it. This includes making sure there is no moisture building up, and that there are no cracks needing repair. In the case of cracking, evaluate each one to see what type of repair is needed (some may be fixable with patchwork while others may need a crack suppression mat) and get a professional’s advice regarding the proper steps to fix them before applying an overlay. 

Fix Problematic Areas First

Next, decide whether to use chemicals or mechanical work to fix the concrete’s problematic areas.

Oftentimes, store-bought chemicals are not strong enough and typically do not fix the issues. Industrial strength acid can be used on concrete, though you will also need to use a compound to neutralize it after the repair is complete.

A much better approach than using acid is to take the mechanical labor route and hire a professional, who will use a grinding wheel to smooth out the concrete’s issues. While grinding pads are advertised as effective, only a diamond wheel has the power and torque needed to roughen the concrete’s surface. A rough surface is necessary to achieve before any overlay is applied.

Apply a Proper Primer

An often-overlooked but important step in the overlay process is the application of a proper primer. After the overlay is completed, a primer helps improve the bond between the overlay and the concrete, ensuring your decorative finish lasts for years to come. The primer also helps to fight moisture and oxygen from settling into the concrete.

Ace Cutting Concrete Tools and Equipment

Following these basic steps and consulting with a professional ensures that your concrete overlay project is successful and represents a true investment for your home. If you need tools, equipment or surface prep supplies to help with your concrete overlay, or have any additional questions about what’s needed, contact Ace Cutting today at 888-283-2597.

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