Concrete countertops have rapidly become one of the fastest growing home renovation concepts in recent years. Consumers now better understand the benefits that concrete has to offer, and contractors know the importance of providing a great experience from walk-through to project customization completion. After the design is set, in place and the contractor has completed the job, it is important to continue to maintain your countertops to ensure maximum life expectancy and keep them looking brand new.

Everyday Cleaners and Stain Removal

Take the time to notice your concrete countertops every day. Concrete countertops, especially if they were not sealed correctly, can easily get stained from food left out for too long. Depending on what was left on the counter, these stains can be hard to remove. Typically, most manufacturers and contractors recommend using a bit of mild soap and water to easily clean off most messes on a daily basis.

Use pH-based and other cleaners as long as they do not contain bleach or ammonia. Ammonia and bleach may at times tear into your sealant, depending on the type and application method used. For bigger stains, research or check with your contractor for recommended brands to clean up concrete countertops based on their installation method.

Remember, if your concrete counter has trivets, make sure to always use them instead of the concrete’s flat surface when setting down hot pans from the stove to preserve the life of the concrete.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Concrete Countertop Care

Keeping up with daily cleaning of indoor concrete countertops is encouraged, but be mindful of what you use on your outdoor countertops as well. Outdoor concrete countertops often use a different sealer than indoor countertops, to factor in weather-related issues and typical stains. To deal with these, look for alkalinity-based cleaners, which are great for cleaning up outdoor concrete messes.

Stain-Proof Topical Sealers for Concrete

Many contractors recommend putting a quality sealer on concrete countertops to assist with everyday wear and tear, as well as to achieve a certain look. Depending on your personal tastes, you may opt to use beeswax instead of a sealer. Beeswax gives the concrete a more “authentic” look, adding to its character, but may require monthly maintenance of buffing to get it to look its best.

Use a slight penetrating sealer to give your concrete a smooth, consistent look for a perfectly polished concrete appeal. This is best for those who wish to avoid the“industrial” look concrete can have!

Certain manufactures carry stain-proof topical sealers for your concrete, which helps to ensure that it will not stain regardless of what you place on it and for extended periods of time. However, these sealers may have a bit of a look to them that could come off as slightly ‘plastic’ when applied by an amateur contractor, so it is best to get a true professional in order to achieve the best looking results possible.

Ready for Your Concrete Countertop Project?

Owning concrete countertops is an investment worthy of your time as they bring aesthetic, long-lasting appeal and easy maintenance to your home or space. Understanding the simple care necessary to maintain them will ensure you get the maximum value and life. To learn more about concrete care and the right tools and equipment to take on your next concrete countertop project, contact Ace Cutting today!

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