The ICS 20 FORCE4 Premium S-Fast Cut Chainsaw Chain.

ICS 20 FORCE4 Premium S-Fast Cut Chainsaw Chain

When it comes to chainsaws, it’s not only important to know how to use the device properly to get the best results and avoid injury. You also need to be aware of what type of chain you are using on your saw in order to maximize efficiency and accuracy on the jobsite. Unfortunately, not all chains are created equal, and some chains will give you better results for your saw. The ICS 20” FORCE4 Premium S-Fast chain is designed to be one of the strongest and long lasting chains on the market.

FORCE4 Technology

ICS is known for its superior work in creating concrete chain saws that have changed the industry with their efficiency, and with force that was lacking in previous chainsaws. Their new FORCE series chains are their strongest diamond chains, designed to work with their FORCE4 system. These chains come in a variety of configurations so that contractors can find the best chains to meet any of your concrete cutting needs on the job.

Designed for Efficiency

The 20” Premium S-fast chain is made for natural stone and reinforced concrete. With the laser welded diamond segments embedded in the chain, you can cut with a max depth of 20,” giving you a significant advantage when using your chain to cut concrete. This chain will fit any of your heavy and difficult concrete cutting jobs, and is designed for professionals who need a stronger chain for their hand-held chain saws on the work place.

Another great feature of the 20” Premium S-fast chain is that the chain is available for hydraulic and gas-powered saws. This gives contractors even more flexibility on the jobsite, as they have options to pick the right chain to match their purchased saws and various jobs.

Interested in ProFORCE Series Chains?

If you want to learn more about the other types of chains in the ProFORCE series, or if you have questions whether this chain will work with you, contact Ace Cutting today. We are happy to help any contractor to find the right chain for their concrete cutting projects.

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