Aluminum 4-inch resin diamond cup wheel for concrete grinding from Diamond Products

Aluminum 4” Resin Diamond Cup Wheel for Concrete Grinding - Diamond Products

There are many benefits to diamond grinding. It’s very fast, low-cost and creates little noise compared to other concrete cutting options. Over the past few years, it has become a very popular choice in the commercial construction and DIY home improvement industries. Grinding cup wheels are the most commonly used tools for grinding tile, masonry and concrete.

Consider the Concrete Application’s Hardness

There are several factors to consider in deciding which diamond cup wheel is right for your application. Knowing its hardness is one of the most important to ensure top-quality results.

For example, if the concrete in your application is hard, you will want to choose a diamond cup wheel with a softer bond since diamonds tend to become blunt and lose their cutting edge when grinding hard concrete.

On the flip side, choosing a diamond cup wheel with a harder bond will allow for its surface diamonds to cut softer cement.

The Two Phases of Concrete Grinding

There are typically two phases of concrete grinding: Coarse Grinding and Fine Grinding (aka, polishing).

  • Coarse Grinding

    During coarse grinding,the bond should be soft, as thisallows the second stage of diamonds to be revealed and begin cutting as the initial diamonds become blunt. Also, the diamond grit for this phase should be larger. Normally, grit ranging from 35-50 will improve the efficiency of the grinding cup. With larger grit, the concentration of diamonds will be much lower.
  • Fine Grinding & Polishing

    In the fine grinding (polishing) phase, the bond should be much harder, allowing the top level of diamonds to perform their task. During this phase, the diamond grit is normally 80-120, based on the application. Having a harder bond and higher grit diamond combination allows for higher-precision work, along with a higher concentration of diamonds in the cup wheel.

Premium and Economy Diamond Cup Wheels

Choosing the right diamond cup wheel combination for your project is a process that you can easily and quickly become proficient in with a little guidance.

At Ace Cutting, it is our job to help you understand which products and tools are ideal for your project, create a more efficient job site and produce the top-quality results your clients expect. We carry a full line of premium and economy diamond cup wheels to increase productivity, life and overall grinding efforts - take a look to see what’s right for your next job.

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