The S36 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum.

S36 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum

With new regulations for dust control rolling out to jobsites in the near future, contractors are searching for ways to stay up to code and have adequate equipment. Several tool manufacturers have been working behind the scenes to make sure that their tools not only comply with safety regulations, but also are efficient in getting the job done while keeping employees safe.

Choosing the Right Dust Extractor for Wet and Dry Concrete Cutting

When it comes to keeping harmful dust in control, you have the option of either cutting the concrete dry or wet. Each of these options comes with its own set of parameters and expectations; it’s up to you to pick the right solution for your job site to make sure you are using the best tools and performing your best work.

Wet concrete cutting and dry concrete cutting both have their ups and downs. You’ll have to evaluate which option is best for you. Dry cutting is a lot less of a mess to clean up, as there is no slurry of wet dust that you have to vacuum up. With dry cutting, you can easily work in areas where you may not be able to create a mess of slurry (such as a home) to get the job done. Of course, it’s important if you are dry cutting to have a tool that will sufficiently take care of the dust that will form from your cuts.

The S36 Husqvarna 230V Dust Extractor Vacuum

A vacuum such as the Husqvarna 230V, from Husqvarna’s S-line of professional-grade vacuum dust extractors, is perfect for dry cutting on the job. Its advanced filters are designed to collect all types of dust, even fine sanding. It is also equipped with an advanced air pulse cleaning feature, which helps ensure that while you are working with your dry saw throughout the day the dust is being captured safely and efficiently. This is a must for everyone wanting to meet the strict new requirements of OSHA’s crackdown on dust.

Of course, wet cutting has many advantages over dry cutting. The wet slurry that gets created minimizes the amount of dust that gets into the air while cutting. Eliminating free dust in the air and keeping it in a slurry is not only safer, but also keeps your cleanup process simple. You only have to clean up what is left behind.

The All New Husqvarna S13 120V Dust Extractor Vacuum

Another Husqvarna vacuum that is efficient for cleaning up dust in the workplace is the S13. This is a great option for smaller jobs; it is a lot quieter than the other models in the S line, but still very efficient at picking up all types of dust and debris. You can add a collecting bag to this vacuum if you like, making it versatile in cleaning up the concrete in your projects.

In Need of a Dust Vacuum?

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