Deciding to install a concrete countertop is a smart choice for your home or office these days, as they have proven durable, easily customizable, and require less maintenance than some of the other countertop materials available. A key to prolonging the life of your concrete countertop is making sure to choose the right polish pad, of which various options are available to ensure you achieve the best finish possible.

What to Look For

When using the correct polish pad, you’re more likely to achieve a professional finish instead of rough or mediocre results. Concrete countertop projects require a polish pad with the ideal thickness, diamonds, diameter, pad binder, pattern and size for the job. Keep all of these things in mind when shopping for the pad. Be mindful that while many pads look alike, they could have a $90 or more price difference; don’t ever assume that paying less for a pad that may look identical to a more expensive one will yield the same results. That price difference exists for a reason.

Polish Pad Thickness

Pad thickness is one of the most important things to consider when looking buying a polish pad for your concrete countertop project. Thicker pads tend to be stiffer in application, yet more durable. Thinner pads are easier to use but wear out faster. You want to find a pad that is thick enough to get the job done and last. Don’t choose a pad that is so thin that it will wear out after a few applications.

Polishing Pad Diamonds

Understanding the diamond elements in your polishing pad is important. While you cannot physically see the diamonds in the pad, they are a crucial part of it in that they are what grades and boosts the polishing of your concrete. High-quality polish pads use diamonds that are all close in size to each other, which helps to provide an even finish and superior surface quality compared to cheaper pads.

Concrete Size and Pattern

Make sure to consider the size and pattern of the concrete area you are working with when purchasing a polish pad. For larger, flat concrete areas, look for a pad around 7 inches. For smaller concrete areas, corners and edges, smaller polish pads around 5 inches are best.

Narrow patterned polish pads should be used for polishing concrete countertops, as this will ensure you do not close any channels through aggressive cutting. While some larger patterns can be used for the job, especially if they are well made, for beginners or contractors who are unsure, narrow patterns are a better choice.


Above all, when choosing a polish pad make sure you’re looking at its overall function rather than focusing on just its price. Understanding the elements of the polish pad and your job’s needs will help you make the best decision and achieve the best result. Check out our selection of concrete quick change pads and polish pads from Husqvarna to get going on your next project!

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