As the world of DIY continues to grow, more homeowners are looking for alternative materials and methods for customizing their homes. This has caused a recent surge in contractors needing to keep up with the times to be able to offer innovative solutions for homeowners. Concrete, which used to be a material used primarily for driveways, has made a strong comeback in recent years as a long-lasting, durable solution. There are now far more options available to use concrete in your home – including countertops. 

Concrete is Versatile, Durable and Beautiful

Once you move past traditional (and outdated) ideas about how concrete works, you can see why using concrete for countertops is the best option out there for contractors and homeowners. Concrete gives you the ability to bring your clients’ ideas to life with a wide variety of design and implementation options. It’s a durable material that, unlike marble, typically doesn’t need to be constantly maintained and doesn’t require a special cleaning procedure for optimal results. With concrete, you can come up with different shapes, colors, and finishes as well as. 

Functional for Residential and Commercial Spaces

Customizing concrete to your clients’ taste is good, but being able to combine functionality with aesthetic is great.

One popular customization for concrete countertops is the installation of drainage rivets on the concrete, close to the sink! Water will return to the sink and you won’t be stuck mopping up your countertop as often.

Concrete countertops are also convenient in commercial spaces. Areas such as restaurants, bars, offices and others (wherever there is significant use by customers or employees) call for a countertop that is not only beautiful, but also durable and able to withstand a lot of use. Concrete is the perfect choice. Additionally, concrete can easily increase the value of any property, as it becomes a much smarter option in the eyes of potential buyers.

Endless Customization and Finishing Options

Concrete has a wide variety of finish options, surpassing what is available for any other material. Plus, it’s an eco-friendly solution in comparison to marble and other materials, which are mostly made up of additional components and are not renewable resources – with complex disposal requirements.

However, you can easily reuse concrete, as every basic concrete mixture starts with cement, rock and sand. Being able to cater to customers wanting eco-friendly materials in their homes broadens your client base and market.

With all of the options available, it’s easy to see why homeowners are now looking for contractors who can use their imaginations to create beautiful concrete countertops in their homes. If you are looking for great equipment to help with bringing your customers’ ideas to life, contact Ace Cutting today!

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