Husqvarna Hiperseal Floor Treatment.

Husqvarna Hiperseal Floor Treatment

As businesses and homeowners start to look at affordable, lower-maintenance options for renovations and new builds, concrete has become the new, innovative way to get a detailed professional look at a reasonable cost. Concrete can now be stained and polished in such a way to look like wood; the possibilities are endless!

The process of concrete engraving involves special tools and attention to detail (based on the design) in order to create a truly unique piece.

Concrete Engraving Project Ideas

Concrete can be engraved in a variety of places depending on the project. Polls are transformed from ordinary into something special. One can make walkways decorated with beautiful engraving to lead into a business or residence. Businesses may also use engraving directly outside of the entryway of their logo to really impress customers.

On the inside of a home, you can decorate entryways with complex designs to create a dynamic effect. Some homeowners are using concrete in place of hardwood floors or even as a way to finish their basement flooring. Since you can stain concrete to look like a variety of surfaces, it can really elevate the inside of a home at a great price.

Stencils and Stain Options for Design

When it comes to concrete engraving, your design possibilities are endless, and you can achievea beautiful, regal look at a fraction of the cost. If you are unsure of what design to use, stencils can serve as a guide. These help immensely with making sure the desired look can be finished correctly when starting out as a beginner.

There are several different stain options that allow customers to transform a room into exactly what they want. Some jobs may require more than one stain treatment in order to get to the desired color. As you cut the grooves, you can achieve many different textures and patterns to achieve a look of wood, marble, tile or even brick!

The Process of Concrete Engraving

Engraving concrete is a fairly simple process.You don’t have to be an artist toprovide the exact engravingthe customer wants. First, power wash the concrete and clean off any oil stains. A clean surface is the perfect canvas. While some cracks may be part of the design of the concrete surface, you should repair noticeable, large cracks before engraving.

After the concrete is clean and cracks are repaired, stain the concrete to the desired effect. Once the stain is in place, you are ready to start engraving. Depending on the design this can take one to several days. While anyone can do most engraving jobs, certain intricate designs may require two people to make sure the engraving is done accurately.

Finally, the concrete is then sealed with a quality sealer which we offer on our website - Husqvarna’s Hiperseal Floor Treatment. We also offer several hand held concrete saws for any concrete professional looking to use the best high quality tools. Browse our productsfor tools and equipment to complete your next concrete engraving project!

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