Concrete flooring is all the rage amongst interior designers these days. Gone is the boring, gray, industrial looking concrete floors that many imagine. Thanks to major advances in modern concrete stains and finishes, it is now quickly becoming the go-to solution for a floor that ties together the architect’s original design concepts for interior space. 

New Options in Concrete Flooring Finishes

Many designers are now considering the concrete flooring option for retail space, corporate offices, and yes, it has even hit the residential market. Whether it is finished with an acid stain, paint, overlay, micro-topping, or covering a radiant heat solution, these floors can come with custom textures, cut lines, and patterns that will enhance any interior for a long time to come. 

The Cost Savings of Concrete Flooring

One of the main features and attractions of concrete floors (sometimes referred to as cement floors) is the cost. Concrete floors are very inexpensive and cost-effective compared to other flooring options. This is even truer if you have a fresh concrete slab that is ready for a stain or paint, or even some unique saw cuts. This holds true when you look at the value of concrete flooring over tile, linoleum, carpet, and wood. Keep in mind however, the fancier you get with custom coatings, the more expensive. In fact, the cost of concrete flooring is so flexible, depending on the coating or finish, custom cutting and polishing, your once-affordable concrete floor could rival marble or slate flooring in presentation and price.

The Long-Term Value of Concrete Flooring

The good news is that once your concrete flooring is finished, the lifetime maintenance and upkeep is minimal. There is no need for fancy and expensive equipment to keep concrete flooring look as good as it did when it was finished. Often, just a mop and basic cleaner are all that is needed to keep it looking great for years to come. And an added bonus; if allergies are a concern for your interior project, unlike carpet that traps allergens, concrete flooring doesn’t.

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