Concrete is no longer the frumpy gray lady of surfaces. Its popularity as a flooring and countertop finish has soared recently. Add that new status to its long-established role as a premier construction material and the demand for concrete surfacing specialists has grown.

Along with that demand, manufacturers like Husqvarna, EDCO and Pulse-Bac have developed equipment and tools that take surface prep to new levels of quality and convenience.

Husqvarna Surface Prep Systems

Surface prep systems from industry leader Husqvarna are perfect for a wide range of applications—from roughing underlayment to polishing floors and counters. The Husqvarna PG450 is a single-head low profile floor grinder for removing paint, epoxy and rough spots in a concrete floor. It’s lightweight and maneuverable to get into tight spots with a powerful 16-amp electric motor to cut the toughest surfaces.

For larger jobs and extra versatility, the Husqvarna PG530 planetary floor grinder has a wide range of applications including coating removal, concrete grinding and concrete polishing. Its 21-inch grinding width make it big enough to tackle larger surfaces yet small enough to fit through door-ways and hard to reach areas. It’s also adaptable for use in making Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR® polished concrete flooring.

When your job calls for maximum performance, the Husqvarna PG820 is the best choice. With a 32-inch grinding width, the PG820’s dual planetary drive system makes it one of the most powerful and efficient surface prep machines on the market. It’s strong enough for all prep, repair and grinding applications, wet or dry, and is perfect for the HiPERFLOOR polishing system.

Besides eight different choices of floor grinders, Husqvarna offers an industry-best selection of grinding tools and polishing pads to make surface prep quick and efficient.

EDCO Scarifiers

When rough and ready is the order of the day, EDCO Scarifiers will level, clean and texture concrete surfaces. These milling machines are designed for repairing common slab issues or curled joints, unevenness, sidewalk trip hazards and weather damage. EDCO Scarifiers also remove contaminates, epoxy, paint, traffic lines and much more. They’re available in a variety of sizes with both gas and electric motors for walk-behind or self-propelled operation.

Husqvarna, Pulse-Bac and BW Manufacturing Industrial Vacuums

When the cutting and grinding are done, it’s time to clean up with heavy-duty industrial vacuums. Husqvarna vacuums are an excellent choice for use with the Husqvarna line of planetary grinders such as the DC6000 offering a pre-separator . Pulse-Bac vacuums offer industry-acclaimed performance to keep production high and maintenance low. BW Manufacturing offers the best setup to use Soff Cut® Early Entry saws with indoor sawing.

Top-Quality Surface Prep Equipment

However you cut it, grinding and polishing equipment and tools from Ace Cutting Equipment are your choice for top-quality surface preparation. They’re perfect for a wide range of applications, from heavy-duty grinding to high-fashion polished floors and counters. Our people know how to match surface prep products to your project’s needs.

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