As a concrete contractor, you encounter many different kinds of projects. Some homeowners may want decorative concrete flatwork; some may have repairs that are out of your normal scope. Because of this, it is an important step as a contractor to keep a list of helpful individuals in your industry that you can trust will work with your same standards to deliver the best possible result to your customer. Also, this referral network is likely to be mutual; bringing you future leads and even more revenue.

It is important to do a thorough due diligence check as you look for other companies to work with before agreeing to enter a job together. Even if you hire a separate contractor to work on a specific part of the project, know that it is your name that will ultimately be praised (or badmouthed) for the work that you approve on your clients’ property. Here are a few different kinds of concrete contractors you may run into who can help you with your client projects. 

Concrete Flat Work

Professionals in the concrete flat work field typically have a general all-around knowledge of concrete. Specifically, concrete flatwork professionals can install patios, stairs, driveways and basement flooring. Great concrete flatwork professionals will also offer a variety of concrete stamping and decorative concrete finishes.

As you approach these professionals, get detailed knowledge on the type of concrete they specialize in. Ask them about the variety of stamps that they use and where they use them. If they say they like to smooth out the concrete in the driveway, be wary. Typically, top concrete professionals don’t like to do smooth concrete on driveways, as it can be slippery as it becomes wet. This can be a sign that this professional doesn’t think about the long-term effects of their customers. 

Concrete Leveling & Mudjacking

The advancements in concrete today are so advanced that jobs you perform for your customers will last them for decades when performed properly with high quality materials. Unfortunately, some of the materials used previously by professionals were not meant to last for longer periods of time. As a result, many homeowners may come outside to find their concrete sinking. Because of this, concrete mudjackers are in high demand.

When you approach these contractors you need to check their knowledge and basic approach. Typically, a contractor will come in and assess the problem, then drill a hole in the concrete that will allow them to get underneath the problematic area to inject a grout mixture into the concrete. This mixture needs to be accurate to allow the concrete to rise efficiently.

Great concrete professionals will also advise homeowners whether they think mudjacking will be effective (due to previous foam installations on concrete or irreplaceable damage), or whether it’s better to have the concrete removed or re-poured. You will run into a lot of damaged concrete over the years; having someone experienced in mudjacking is beneficial to every contractor. 

Concrete Repair & Removal

As a concrete contractor,you will run into many homeowners calling you for concrete repairs. Smaller cracks can be replaced with simple tools that most concrete workers can fix. Yet you will need to know the difference between a small crack that can be fixed easily and a deeper crack that may indicate a more serious problem under the surface. Concrete can have issues,especially in colder climates with frost with the soil. If the concrete is sunken due to frost or some type of water erosion you will have to advise the homeowner to remove the concrete and replace the slab.

Concrete removal can be a difficult process that needs an experienced professional to get the task done correctly. The professional you work with should have a full range of high quality tools such as lifting equipment, jack hammers, and rebar cutters that can remove all traces of the concrete to get down to the soil, fix the issue, and then replace the concrete with a new slab.

As you can see, many of the contractors here will provide overlapping services within the overall concrete industry. Having contractors that focus on a specific area will benefit your business with being able to perform a wide array of services. If you have no idea where to start, contact us for a list of preferred contractors we have worked with.

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