Cutting asphalt paving presents a different set of issues than cutting concrete or stone. Asphalt is softer, of course, but it’s also more abrasive than concrete. And since asphalt becomes viscous when heated, blade friction can cause it to melt and pinch and stall the cutting blade. Never cut asphalt before? Here’s a brief intro to the process, why Diamond blades are the best choice and how to pick the right type for your project.

Simple Steps to Cutting Asphalt

Cutting asphalt isn’t that different from cutting concrete once you have the right blade for the job.


  • Sweep the area clean to avoid hazards from flying debris and catching the blade.
  • Mark a cutting line a few inches outside the damaged area for a good patch and score the line for a straight, smooth cut.
  • Set your blade to the depth of the paving if cutting over dirt or concrete. When cutting over a gravel fill, set the depth slightly less than the thickness of the asphalt paving to avoid catching the gravel and chipping and dulling the blade prematurely.

Diamond Blades Are Ideal for Asphalt Cutting

When choosing a blade for cutting asphalt, you have some choices. If it’s a small job, an abrasive blade might do, but for anything over a few feet, a diamond blade designed for cutting asphalt is a better choice, especially if you’re going to do more than one or two jobs.

Wet vs. Dry Cutting Blades

Asphalt cutting blades come in wet, dry, and wet/dry versions. Wet cutting is generally preferred for asphalt to minimize melting and binding, but there are dry-cutting blades available, too. Regardless, the blade needs to be hard-bonded. With hard-bonded diamond asphalt cutting blades, the exposed edge is worn away, resulting in a fresh grit layer, cutting quickly and smoothly.

General Purpose and Heavy-Duty Diamond Blades

The Diamond Products Standard Gold High-Speed diamond blade is a good general-use choice for wet or dry use with both hand-held and low horsepower walk-behind saws. It’s economical, and there are multiple options for different materials and diameters. Ace Cutting's own A 31 Diamond blade is a great general purpose asphalt diamond blade for high-quality cutting and long life with hand saws and low horsepower walk behind saws.

For heavy-duty use with a variety of walk-behind saws, the Heavy Duty Orange Wet Diamond Asphalt Blade is a fast-cutting and long-lasting blade that maximizes your investment and makes even big jobs go quickly. The Diamond Products Premium Black series of wet-use asphalt diamond blades offers high-quality .275" diamond depth with long lasting, fast cutting performance for contractors who demand maximum efficiency and value.

When cutting asphalt over concrete, the Imperial Purple Wet Diamond Asphalt Blade is ideal. Its .312" diamond depth and basic diamond quality offer an economical cutting value compared to abrasive blades and comes in diameters from 14” to 36” to fit a variety of wet-cutting saws. 

Get Professional Advice

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