The world’s first ever 4 stroke power cutter designed, engineered, and manufactured by Makita has made it to the top of the commercial concrete cutting industry. Utilizing a 4.1 HP motor alongside a fuel efficient power source, the EK765 doesn’t just bear a competitive edge, it spearheads the movement toward maximizing power and fuel efficiency into one architectured machine.


Features and Specifications

The Makita EK765 is the first of its kind in today’s market of commercial concrete cutting tools. With a 4 stroke gas powered engine, this concrete cutting saw is an all encompassing compact device packed with a “punch.” Featuring 76 cc of power and a fuel consumption of less than .45 gallons per hour, this is one of the most sustainable concrete cutting saws available. The curated design diminishes the noise to approximately 106.5dbs while simultaneously improving control quality. With a 37 oz fuel capacity, three ring piston and recoil starter, commercial concrete contractors are able to perform continuous cutting with reduced exhaust and longer cylinder life cycle.


Innovative Engineering

Fuel Efficiency is the bottom line. The EK765 incorporates a pressure compensator carburetor to reduce flooding on project sites and provide a system of fuel delegation to increase durability and longevity of the concrete cutting machine. The integrated wheel kit provides commercial concrete contractors ease of use and convenience in every task. The Makita EK765 is defined by decreased emissions, decreased noise, and decreased operation overhead. With fuel security in mind and articulated design, this concrete cutting saw produces clean air output and a commitment to engine durability.    


Makita in the Marketplace

If your business is looking for a compact concrete cutting saw that will maximize productivity, decrease emissions, and sustain years of projects, the EK765 will prove to be the best. Ace Cutting offers premium grade concrete cutting equipment for commercial concrete cutting services. Learn more today at 888-283-2597.

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