Slab sawing, or “flat sawing,” as it is commonly known, is one of the most common types of diamond cutting, and is a highly efficient way to modify and repair concrete slabs. Normally, slab sawing is used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces, such as driveways, floors, decks, bridge spans and concrete pavement. Read on for a few of the basics.

Saw Types and Diamond Blades

Slab sawing employs use of walk-behind or ride-on saws, depending on the size of the job. Saws are powered by gas, diesel, hydraulics, electric motors or propane. There is a nearly unlimited amount of diamond cutting blade options, which you can choose depending on the material and size of the slab you are cutting.

Materials and Construction Applications

With these specialized saws and a well-trained crew, you can cut through steel-reinforced concrete, metal, stone and pre-cast concrete up to 24 inches thick with no problem.

Exterior slab sawing with a diamond-cutting blade is used in various areas of construction applications, including:

  • Cutting control joints in newly poured slabs
  • Cutting to remove damaged concrete sections of an exterior slab
  • Demolition work on exterior slabs for complete or partial removal
  • Exterior slab modification for utilities
  • Deck repair on bridges
  • Highway surface and runway surface repair of slabs
  • Pool, patio and driveway demolition and repair
  • Driveway approaches for curbing, gutters and sidewalks
  • Aesthetic architectural elements of design for exterior slabs

Choose the Correct Diamond Saw Blade

Just as there are many projects that can take advantage of a specialized diamond cutting saw for exterior work, there are even more options when it comes to the diamond saw blade.

Whether you are working with newly poured concrete, pour-back, or a slab that has aged in an outdoor environment, make sure you know the type of saw blade the job will require, saving you time, labor, and expense, as the wrong blade can quickly bring your slab cutting job to a halt if the wrong one is chosen.

Ace Cutting offers a large selection of walk behind concrete saws, as well as diamond saw blades, for any exterior slab sawing project. Browse our products and reach out to us with any questions, any time!

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