The FEIN Pointed Blade 5-Pack.
FEIN Pointed Blade 5-Pack (63903116011)

If you are a contractor who has a new project that requires cutting and removing caulk joints, you will want to consider the Fein Pointed Blade 5-Pack. With the versatility of this pack of caulk joint blades, you have a good mix of blade options to complete the tasks at hand. 

Blades for Every Caulking Project

When surveying a potential job, or if you’ve already accepted the project and find yourself putting together your equipment list, you are likely considering the right blades for caulk removal that will do the minimal damage and get the job done right.

With FEIN’s 5-Pack Caulk Joint Blades, you have a versatile selection of blades to meet all aspects of the caulk removal process. Blades serve the following joint types, angles and sizes:

  • 45 degree angles
  • Deep “V” corner joints
  • ¼” joints
  • 3/8’” joints
  • Right angles 

Blade Multi-Pack for Any Job

This multi-pack is a great compliment to the Fein Multi Tool, as the blades are versatile, built tough enough to accomplish the task at hand and any yet to come. Made of hardened steel and built to last, use the blades when working projects in the following areas:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • Flooring
  • Concrete slabs

Removing caulk can be tedious and time consuming. Not to mention, it can cause damage to surrounding materials that ends up costing you more and creating more work. By choosing the right caulk blades and having the versatility of the 5-pack, you will get the job done right the first time and enjoy professional results.

Remember to always clean the blades after each job, and check their sharpness often to keep them ready for the next project!

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