Gorilla GCT 10-inch Dustless Crack Chase Saw in red.
Gorilla GCT 10-inch Dustless Crack Chase Saw


Literally cut out the frustration of repair! Gorilla Dustless Crack Chase Saws are OSHA-compliant and have been designed specifically to help keep you away from the irritations associated with general dry cutting crack repair for stone, asphalt and concrete cement. 

Attractive Features

Chase saws have become popular tools among concrete contractors, road crews and building contractors who are engaged with repairing sidewalks, foundations, driveways and roads. Their dustless feature combined with a one-piece handle design, quick blade depth adjust knob, 120 voltage and up to 3” cutting depth on some models make them a great choice for a variety of projects.

Blade Cutting Variety

The blades used with Gorilla crack saws have the ability to cut through a variety of materials, including caulking, polyuria, stone, rock, wire, HDPE, ductile, PVCC, fiberglass, rebar, bolts and nuts. In addition, it’s possible for you to chase a random crack pattern hassle-free.

The Rescue A2Z Vacuum Bonded High Speed Diamond Blade from Diamond Products works especially well for the GCT 4.5”, GCT 10” and 9-inch Silverback Gorilla saws. 

Great for Surface Prep Work

Gorilla Dustless Crack Chase Saws aren’t just great for crack repair and maintenance, but are also effective for surface prep applications. Various blade types can be used in conjunction with these joint saws in order to yield the best possible results, including the popular “V” notch crack chasing blade and premium diamond saw blade.

Random Crack Chasers and Joint Cleanout Saws

Gorilla’s joint saws can be divided into two categories: the random crack chaser saw and the joint cleanout saw.

Random crack chaser saws are equipped with a blade mounted at the center, while the blade’s caster wheels provide excellent assistance to the operator when following crack patterns on the surface area. This saw lets users enjoy cutting with minimal hassle.

Joint cleanout saws are widely used for cleaning out joints, and in some instances for trench cutting and concrete sawing. These saws have an up-rotation mechanism which offers complete material extraction, come with a dedicated dust collection system and easy connection.

Versatile, User-Friendly Crack Repair Solution

General crack repair work can be complicated. However, Gorilla’s Dustless Crack Chase Saws simplify the process and ease the efforts required. Their ability to cut through many different types of materials is impressive and sets these saws apart from the rest as some of the most versatile on the market. Call Ace Cutting to learn more about how Gorilla chase saws can work for your next project at 888-283-2597.

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