Mini Dragon Electric Hand Saw from Diamond Products

Mini Dragon Electric Hand Saw from Diamond Products

When it comes to having the right tools for the job, it is essential to have efficiency, ease of use and durability in each device. The hand saw is a product that embodies these attributes and should be a paramount piece of equipment to add to your toolbox. In many cases, it can be critical to finishing a DIY project and getting into a hard to reach area. So, don’t assume that large commercial power tools are always the answer; sometimes the hand saw can bring you success.

Hand saws are a perfect addition to the concrete contractor. They are simple, oriented for small jobs, but can be versatile for various endeavors depending on the task. What’s best about hand saws is their speed on the field, allowing you to quickly complete a project with limited space.

The Mini Series

The Mini Dragon Electric Hand Saw is perfect for projects with a time constraint, as it has a cutting speed that is 3 times faster than comparable styles. It also has a 1/3 less cutting cost when you compare it to chain saws – saving you time and money with ease.

The Mini Dragon also has an exclusive diamond blade, offering a lifespan up to five times longer than other saws. With its lightweight design, you can carry it on the move from jobsite to jobsite, without ever losing quality in your saw.

The Hydraulic Series

Sometimes the project requires a hand saw with a bit more power - one that is durable and can be used by a single operator. That’s where the Hydraulic Draw Saw HDS 60 Concrete hand saw comes into play. It is still lightweight at only 29.8 lbs, but also has the ability to cut 16” deep with only a 20” blade! The Hydraulic Dragon is the first of its kind, capable of cutting to an equal depth of 16” and exerting unprecedented power to the contractor.

This drill is practical, with its ½” quick disconnect hose alongside an optional 8 or 12 gallon per minute motor. Its 29.8 pound frame provides the same versatility as the Hydraulic Draw Saw HDS 60 Concrete, while offering an 8GPM maximum flow component. The saw also comes with a diamond blade, proving to maximize usage and precision with every task.


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