When it comes to floor care, no flooring is completely maintenance-free. However, concrete flooring is among the least expensive and requires the least amount of effort to maintain over time. Not only this, but concrete floor maintenance products are generally less expensive, as well.

Differing levels of maintenance for your concrete floor depend on the floor’s location in a residential or commercial setting, amount of regular foot traffic and the finishes applied. 

Protect Concrete Floor Finishing

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your concrete floor, especially if you’re working in a high-traffic retail space, special attention should be paid toward making sure the finish does not wear. To this end, consider the following tips:

  • Try to avoid custom cuts or narrow saw patterns within which dirt can get trapped.
  • Protect your concrete floor with a high quality floor sealer, unless the flooring is polished.
  • Use a quality floor wax to keep it sealed against dirt, stains and scuffs.
  • In high traffic areas, use floor mats or carpet runners to keep high traffic wear to a minimum. Also place entry mats before the floor transition to trap dirt before it enters the floor.
  • Only use concrete flooring cleaners and sealers recommended by your contractor for best results.
  • Follow a maintenance schedule recommended by the flooring contractor who installed your concrete floor for the best possible results.

Also, if you have animals, make sure you wipe up accidents as soon as possible, so there is no damage to the applied finish. While a concrete floor won’t normally trap odors or pet stains, the finishes commonly used can deteriorate prematurely from pet accidents.

Prevent Damage and Be Proactive to Maintain Concrete Floors

While a somewhat inexpensive option to more traditional flooring, your concrete floor can look as beautiful as the day it was finished if you follow a few of these simple steps that will protect it and keep it looking great for years to come. If you find that something has stained or potentially compromised the flooring finish of your concrete floor, contact your contractor as soon as possible. They will be able to recommend the best solution to repair or minimize the damage to your floor. And browse our concrete supplies and accessories to complete and finish your next concrete cutting project!

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