If you’re looking for a great choice to do some size deep concrete cutting, the Husqvarna K760 CUT-N-BREAK gas deep cutting power cutter can cut up to 16 inches deep! It uses two high-speed blades to form a core in the cut that is then easily broken off using the included breaking tool.


The Husqvarna K760 uses less fuel and produces cleaner emissions.  Before you can work longer without having to worry about vibration using this lightweight, yet powerful deep concrete cutting power cutter, you need to get the deep cutting tool started.


If you ever find yourself with a new tool that doesn’t seem to want to start, you might want to consider two points:


  • Operator error can be a once in a blue moon reality for even the best of us, particularly if it’s a new tool or one we’re handling for the first time at a new job. Attempting to “force” it to start by continually pulling the starter cord without oil in it, for example, can shorten the life of the tool.
  • When you purchase a new tool, as we’ve said before, it’s a good idea to at least give those instructions a good solid look over, particularly the warnings and starting instructions. Each concrete power tool and piece of concrete equipment varies by category of tool, and the features or even starting procedure can vary by brand.  


The example below is for the Husqvarna K760 Concrete Demolition Saw.


  1. Wear all appropriate safety protection when using power tools, of course.
  2. Make SURE blade is fastened securely.
  3. Push the Air Purge Valve a few times to make sure there’s no air in the fuel line.
  4. Push the Decompression Valve all the way in (commonly overlooked).
  5. If the tool is not warmed up yet, push the Choke in.
  6. Pull Trigger, push Throttle Lock IN.
  7. Stand next to the tool and place a foot inside of the handle at the back, stepping down on the bottom of it.
  8. Place the opposite hand on top of the handle that is on top of the tool, behind the blade guard. (This is how you properly hold the tool down without causing it to jump or put too much strain on just one handle).
  9. Lastly, pull Starter with your remaining hand and get that awesome concrete cut off saw started!


If you don’t personally own a concrete or masonry power tool (if you are working for a contracting company), and the tool is a brand that you haven’t used before, consider checking with someone else on the site before the first time you start it.  You might not own it, but you’ll want it to work so you don’t wind up having to use their older, subpar back-up tool.


For more on the Husqvarna K760, please click here 

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