Husqvarna G1470 Red Hard Elite Grind Series 3-Pack

Husqvarna Redi Locks offer concrete contractors a top of the line concrete grinding application suited for aggregate exposure, tiling floor prep, removal of epoxy coatings and sealers, as well as flattening. Offered in an array of shape design and colors, there is no denying that Husqvarna Redi Locks cater to every situation. Ace Cutting offers 8 different varieties of Husqvarna Redi Locks to the market. 


  1. Husqvarna Vari Grind G640 Grey Series 3-Pack
  2. Husqvarna Vari Grind G620 Green Series 3-Pack
  3. Husqvarna G1480 Blue X-Hard Elite Grind Series 3-Pack
  4. Husqvarna G1470 Red Hard Elite Grind Series 3-Pack
  5. Husqvarna G1440 Pink Medium Elite Grind Series 3-Pack
  6. Husqvarna G1420 Yellow Soft Elite Grind Series 3-Pack
  7. Husqvarna G1410 Orange X-Soft Elite Grind Series 3-Pack
  8. Husqvarna Vari Grind G670 Copper Series 3-Pack

Husqvarna Redi Locks can be utilized for a variety of concrete contracting purposes. The smaller the Redi Lock diamond grit, a different performance affect it will have. With the 3-pack series series, working with a single segment increases the overall pressure of the segment. Moving into double segments decreases the pressure of each segment and promotes smoother scratch pattern and machine load. Working with half-set diamonds placed at three alternating positions on a diamond holder disk can be ideal for floor polishing. One of the most important factors to remember is that the more powerful the machine, the greater the tool bonding on the Redi Locks that an operator can utilize.

We Have Redi Locks Ready For You
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