Ring Saws can be an exceptionally great, fast cutting saw giving 10.5" max cutting depth.  With a periphery driven blade compared to typical cut off saw driven from the center, click here to learn more about Husqvarn Ring Saws.




  • Deep cutting

    Deep cutting

    Thanks to the peripheral drive you can cut far deeper than with a traditional power cutter. The cutting depth of 10" is sufficient to cut through a normal wall from one side only.

  • Robust and reliable

    Robust and reliable

    Less sensitive to outdoor conditions and fuel variations, thanks to the cylinder design and muffler with integrated heat deflector.

  • Long service intervals

    Long service intervals

    A strong Poly-V belt combined with our maintenance-free DuraStarter™ and efficient filter-system Active Air Filtration™ ensure long service intervals.

  • Light and powerful

    Light and powerful

    A light, compact and powerful machine with superior power-to-weight ratio.

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