Concrete is no longer the ugly stepchild of flooring materials. The old gray lady is suddenly getting a high-fashion makeover that’s adding extra profit for concrete contractors. High-end designers and architects love its modern, industrial look and embrace its strength and adaptability.

Husqvarna has a family of Soff-Cut® ProEdge beveled blades designed for the needs of the rapidly growing decorative concrete market. Together with the Soff-Cut® Early Entry concrete crack control system of saws and blades, ProEdge beveled blades let you pour and score one day and bevel-cut the next, slashing job time and labor costs.

ProEdge vs. Hand Tools

The ProEdge blades let you make bevels with straighter joint lines, higher production and reduced labor costs compared to hand tooling. Using ProEdge blades vs. hand tooling allows a larger area of concrete to be placed at one time (perfect for commercial site work such as sidewalks and parking garages), eliminating costly multiple pours and allows for versatility in the saw joint contour.

Joint Tracking

Ace Cutting Equipment offers the full line of Husqvarna ProEdge beveled blades from .100” to .500” with bevel widths of 3/8” to 1/2”. These blades can be used to chase standard joints the day after early entry dry-cut control joints are cut, though we recommend waiting longer if possible, to allow the concrete to cure and achieve a cleaner finish.

The X-150D is arguably the most popular choice for projects requiring a large amount of beveled cutting. With the exact same design and layout as a standard X-150 early entry Soff Cut saw, the X-150D includes an additional weight located toward the front to keep the bevel blade within your existing cut.

Another defining factor of the X-150D is the “pizza cutter” design, which assures you stay in the cut via a thin guided piece of steel and delivers a professional finish.

Saw Options for Decorative Finish

Soff-Cut® Technology has many decorative finish product options, such as the diamond impregnated blade with various different bevel options. All blades attach to Soff-Cut® equipment with a triangular-shaped arbor.

Some popular saw options include the electric X-390 or X-50 (now discontinued) and gas-powered X-150D. The walk-behind X-150D Decorative saw is used with 6" beveled blades, while the X-390 and hand-held X-50 saws require 5” beveled blades.

Consider using a bevel blade accessory kit to adapt the popular lightweight X-150 saw for both bevel and relief cutting, delivering a highly maneuverable, easy-to-use tool for decorative cutting.

Concrete Blade Equipment Professionals

Sophisticated indoor flooring and landscaping designs are some of the fastest-growing items on homeowners’ wish lists. Whether your next project is an elaborate driveway, a pool deck, patio or interior floor, Ace Cutting Equipment has the right blades for the job and the saws to use them with properly. Visit our newly designed web site,, or give us a call at 888-283-2597 to learn the many ways our American-owned family business is always on the cutting edge when it comes to equipment and supplies for the concrete and masonry cutting industry.

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