Can a diamond chain cut rebar? -Yes, 4 or 5 without a problem.  However if it's over #8 rebar then it's difficult to get through.  This will greatly reduce the life of the chain.

How long will a diamond chain last? -This depends on the chain type, material being cut, experience of the operator and how much rebar is present.  On average with a gas chainsaw the chain will last 40-80 lineal feet through 6" concrete.  Hydraulic saws, this number is usually doubled.

How long does a guide bar last? -On average, 2 or 3 chains.  Again, heavy rebar will shorten life.

Can a concrete cutting chainsaw cut dry? -NO.  Cutting wet is a necessity with concrete chainsaws.

Is "kickback" a safety problem? -No.  Unlike wooden chainsaws with the sharp teeth, a concrete chain saw grinds through concrete with very small teeth (diamonds) without hooks.  The preferred method of starting a cut is to plunge straight into the wall.  

How fast will a concrete chainsaw cut? -This also depends on the material being cut, chain type and operator experience along with the amount of rebar involved.  Gas saws will typically saw 1 foot x 6 inches deep in two minutes.  Hydraulic saws are faster than gas.

When does the chain need tightening? -Diamond chains tend to run better when slightly loose.  It's normal for the drive-links to hang completely out of the bar.  Tighten the chain when the drive-links hang more than a half-inch below the bar.  But remember, you should be able to pull the chain around the bar by hand, otherwise it is too tight.

What is the mixture ratio of oil to gas? -25:1 oil to gas mixture

How long will the sprocket last? -On average the sprocket will need to be replaced every 2-3 chains.

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