Husqvarna Hiperguard floor treatment.
Husqvarna HiPERGUARD™ Floor Treatment

If you have decorative concrete flooring installed at home, it’s extremely important that you pay special attention to maintaining the shine and long-term durability. The time and effort you put into protecting your beautiful floors with the proper care is an investment you’ll be glad you made years down the road. Husqvarna HiPERGUARD™ and HiperSeal™ floor treatments provide the protection you need.

You can find a variety of different floor sealers to use on your indoor concrete floors, but not all are good for the health of your floors and family. Pay close attention to what your floor’s specific needs are, and what you require before making the final decision.

Choose the Right Sealer for Concrete Flooring

First, think about your floor type and color, and consider whether the sealer will fit perfectly with it or not. For example, is your floor dyed, polished, overlay or stained? Go through the sealer’s product description carefully to see whether the manufacturer ensures its compatibility with your floor type. Some sealing agents can interact with the coloring agents, which can lead to bleeding, bubbling or blistering effects over the long run, and which you should aim to avoid.

Whatever sealer you choose should be able to provide enhanced protection for your concrete floor against stains and scruffs. Check how long the sealer will last, as you are spending considerable money and should get your value’s worth.

Finally, be sure to check if the sealer is hazardous to breathe in and around. Don’t compromise the health of yourself and your family! Water-based sealants are usually the safest bet over solvent-based options, but it’s always best to double check.

Husqvarna HiperSeal™ and Hiperguard™ for Concrete Floor Treatment

Husqvarna’s floor treatments are the best sealers available on the market and your best option for sealing your concrete floors. HiperSeal™ not only improves the surface sheen, but also seals it, making it impenetrable from foreign materials such as food, oils and grime. Hiperguard™ is applied as a last step in floor protection, and simplifies the ongoing maintence required of your floor. Each are essential steps to making your concrete floor perform and look its best!

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