When working on a project that involves interior slab sawing, electric and hydraulic saw machines are the ideal solution. These types of saws are recommended, as they do not produce any exhaust fumes in the interior job site. With an electric saw, interior cutting can reach a depth of 24 inches while leaving a minimal footprint on the job site.

Electric Saws Best for Interior Slab Sawing

Based on the job site, the electric saw can run on its own generator, or it can be wired to an electrical panel. The electric saw’s efficiency and productivity, coupled with the fact that it leaves zero emissions, makes it a versatile machine ideal for interior slab cutting jobs in commercial and residential buildings.

Common Types of Interior Concrete Slab Cutting Projects

Here are some of the most common types of interior concrete slab cutting jobs:

  • Architectural cutting for aesthetics in floor slabs
  • Home renovations where electrical and plumbing require under-floor routing
  • Cutting or sawing for access to residential plumbing for repair or replacement
  • Concrete slab cutting to relieve foundation pressure
  • Slab cutting or sawing for foundation expansion in new or existing home construction related to square footage expansion
  • Tenant improvement in commercial space for electrical or plumbing work
  • Slab cutting for drainage repair or drainage expansion for commercial applications

If you have a commercial or residential job that requires interior slab sawing, make sure you contact us to ask any questions before you purchase or rent any equipment. At Ace Cutting, we are concrete cutting and sawing professionals who will help you choose the right cutting and sawing equipment to save you and your crew time and money on your next concrete job or DIY project.

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