The Husqvarna K3000 CUT-N-BREAK POWER CUTTER cuts very efficiently. It also is easy to handle and an excellent flush-cut saw. It’s great for corners where you need to be extra careful to not overcut and – because it’s electric –  it can be used indoors.

Not familiar with Husqvarna’s “Cut-N-Break” method? The tool cuts two lines at once, leaving core sections that can be popped off with the included breaking tool. Low machine maintenance and tool costs are just some of the benefits of the method.

The cut-and-break method also allows you to make extra deep cuts without overcutting. With the Husqvarna K3000, you can cut up to 16” deep from one side.

The blade guard on the K3000 allows you to get very close to walls and floors. You also have complete control over the depth. Now you can prove that you’re as “surgical” with your tools as you’ve told your buddies all along. With the K3000, you can be that precise.

This is the kind of tool that can come in equally handy for replacing a concrete step or doing the demolition and remodel of a concrete structure in which you need to cut conduit channels to help turn that auto repair garage into the latest hipster bar.

Imagine still having the feeling in your forearms at the end of the day instead of pins and needles, thanks to the anti-vibration system of the K3000. Less vibration and less fatigue add to the precision of your work. The Electronic Softstart™ adds to that precision even more with its smooth, uninterrupted operation. 

It’s a low diamond and low maintenance tool, and includes twin blades with a very stable core that add to its reliable concrete-cutting performance. The K3000 also has a wet-cutting kit that provides efficient dust management while making operation easier. You can also get an optional vacuum unit to use it as a dry cutter while still minimizing dust.

Husqvarna K3000 is also lightweight and powerful. The performance of its 1800 watt engine is optimized through efficient cylinder design, a digital ignition system and other technology.

The concrete cutting saw is easy to start even on cold days, of course – another benefit of its electric, indoor use-compatible power source. The patented, dust sealed starter unit features a sealed return spring and pulley bearing. The result is a starter that is virtually maintenance free, adding even more reliability.

The blades rotate forward, so it cuts into material more efficiently and with minimal effort – less sticking and kick-backs! The K3000 Cut-N-Break is ideal for cutting pipes in trenches, concrete renovations/repairs and cutting grooves for cabling.

Most pros know to “let the tool do its job.” Part of the meaning behind this saying is that using the tool improperly by pushing it too fast or hard for its intended use will overload the motor. Then what you have is a doorstop.

In addition to being constructed better, the K3000 is more difficult to accidentally overload. It features an advanced electronic overload protection system, which varies the rotation speed of the tool as a warning.

If you’re looking for low maintenance, low wear and tear on your body, high performance and precise cutting, you can learn more about the Husqvarna K3000 here.

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