The Pulse Bac1000 Series 55 Gallon DrumVac

Looking for a commercial grade concrete cutting vacuum powerful enough to cleanup your chalk debris and dust remains? The Pulse Bac 1000 Series 55 Gallon DrumVac allows concrete contractors to focus on their cutting, and let the machine hassle with the cleanup.  

Commercial Functionality
The DrumVac is accompanied by an 2” to 3” Extender 55/40 allowing versatility for both 55 and 40 gallon drums. With a mobile design comprising of a four caster rotator and powder coated 16 gauge steel extender, the compact machine is a reliable tool for every jobsite. The DrumVac also features a patented Cyclonic Debris Management System to allow systematic pulse cleanse and filter ability that maximizes efficiency of clean up. This mechanism prevents consistent buildup of debris and fosters filter longevity and low cost replacement fees.

Additional Specifications
Alongside the commercial functionality of the DrumVac, the device comprises of an,

  • Automated self cleaning system
  • Tank Capacity Sensor
  • Twist on/off PTFE Spun Bond Polyester Filters
  • Advanced PC Board with surface mount technology

The Tank Capacity Sensor utilizes LED control panel with an automated alarm to notify contractors of full capacity filters that need to be changed out. This reduces both maintenance time and costs. The advanced PC Board, powered by electronic control, is coated to protect the machine against moisture and dust debris clogging. Ace Cutting offers the DrumVac with an inclusive Halo Ring Guard which allows protection from damage, easy release filter change, and rust prevention. Accessories for the device include 5 point HEPA filters made with non-stick, high performance composite media and a 99.97% fractional efficiency rating.

The DrumVac from Ace Cutting
The DrumVac Pulse Bac 1000 Series 55 Gallon is available at Ace Cutting with a 25’ X 2” or 3” hose options. To find out more about the Pulse Bac Chalk Filter Vacuum Series, call Ace Cutting today at (888)-283-2597.

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