Gorilla GCT 9” Silverback Dustless Crack Chaser

Constructed from a 1.4” thick welded-steel the heavy duty frame of the Gorilla GCT 9” Silverback Dustless Crack Chaser allows durability and consistent ease of use for every cut and smoothing project. The joint saw weighs just 70lbs and powers to 15 amps. With OSHA compliance this is one of the safest and most durable joint saws available.

Features and Specifications
The ergonomic device is embedded with features to aid concrete contractors in performing precision cuts and smoothing day in and day out.

The device includes:

  • Joint Saw with Lockable Rear Casters
  • ⅜” Wide Blade Capacity
  • 4 X 2” wheels with precision bearings
  • Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Locks Swivel Casters
  • Quick Blade Depth Adjustment Knob
  • One Piece Handle Design
  • 2” dust port

The Lockable Rear Casters embodied in the device’s design allow for concrete contractors to lock in for straight unit cuts or unlock for swivel movement crack chasing. The One Piece Handle Design allows for complete control with unrelenting stability through every concrete cutting process. Rotating a full 90 degrees with the ability of a 15 degree blade tilt allows for beveled edge cuts and access to difficult to reach wall joints. The enlarged 2” dust port encourages more than 95% dust control when suited with a dust collector or vacuum device.

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