Side of the Weka DK12 Hand-Held Drill from Diamond Products.
Weka DK12 Hand-Held Drill from Diamond Products


When it comes to the production of handheld electric drills, Weka holds a prominent place. The company has released a large number of handheld drills to the market throughout the past. Out of those drills, Weka DK12 Hand-Held Drill Motor holds a prominent place.

Powerful Rotation for Deep Drilling

The drill features a 14 amp, 3 speed motor that can rotate at a maximum speed of 2900 rpm. It is powerful enough to assist the users to drill up to 3 inches. If the material is mounted on the core rig, you will be able to use this device to drill up to 6 inches. These are impressive figures for a handheld drill and they have contributed a lot towards the popularity of the product. 

Durable, Top-Quality Material and Build

People who spend their money to purchase Weka DK12 Hand-Held Drill Motor don’t need to harbor any doubts regarding its durability. The drill is made from the highest quality materials and has the ability to withstand harsh conditions in nature. On the other hand, you will be able to find a thermal overload protection switch, which ensures the safety of the motor.

Easy to Use, Lightweight Design

The Weka DK12 Hand-Held Drill Motor delivers a smooth user experience. Therefore, people who have not gone through any major scale project involving a drill before will be able to navigate using this drill with relative ease. As a bonus, the Weka drill comes with a side handle which provides enhanced stability to the users. In addition, it is possible to find a water connection that can be used for wet coring.

This handheld drill is a lightweight product. Therefore, you will not have to go through any hassle when you are using it. In other words, you will never feel any discomfort when you keep on operating this drill for several hours. As a result, this drill has received much attention among individuals who are looking forward to spend money on user-friendly drills.

This Weka drill comes with a carrying case included, so you can easily take it from one place to another in a secure and a comfortable manner. The drill also includes two leveling bubbles, preventing any possible frustrations when trying to perform accurate coring.

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