Side of Husqvarna FS7000 Diesel Concrete Saw.
Husqvarna FS7000 Diesel Concrete Saw

Concrete jobs can range in size. Larger jobs can be time-consuming and frustrating using outdated or insufficient tools to get it done. Thankfully, Husqvarna created the FS7000 Diesel Concrete Saw, a powerful option for industry professionals to handle large jobs efficiently.

Powerful Digital Display

When tackling large jobs with the FS7000, you will enjoy the electric start, which makes it easy to get going, as well as its digital display, which lets you see all of the saw’s important functions with ease while you work.

The digital display features an electronic tracking adjustment that allows you to cut left and right, keeping track of where your blade is cutting.

The control display also includes a water safety switch, which will shut off your blade instantly if there is no water supply. This is a vital feature that gives you the benefit of the doubt if you become distracted and don’t realize that the concrete that you are working on has become too dry for the blade.

With all of these features at your fingertips, you’ll be able to stay on top of your concrete project with ease. 

Powerful Blades and Top Notch Compliance

The diamond blades on the FS7000 come in at 42 inches (1000 mm), with a max cutting depth of 17.5 inches (411 mm). This allows you to cut as shallow or deeply as your project requires.

An E-trac system within the display system lets you produce a straight cut with ease. The saw’s self-latching blade guards are important for easily loading diamond blades on and off depending on your project.

Having such a powerful machine to use for your projects is great, but this machine is even better – it’s Tier 4 Compliant. This tells you that not only are you using top of the line equipment, but also that you are using top safety regulated equipment.

The Right Tool for the Job

If you are ready to tackle your larger job with a machine that has a powerful blade, great blade depth and a digital display with strong features to keep you on track with your project, you should try the Husqvarna FS7000 Diesel Concrete saw. It’s a great investment, one that allows you to handle your large jobs with ease.

If you need something a little smaller or for a different project, Ace Cutting Equipment can help you find the right tool for the job. We’re stocked with powerful and highly efficient tools that make all the difference where the success of your business is concerned.

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