Fein Supercut FSC 2.0 Professional Set Caulking and Sealant Repair System.
Fein Supercut FSC 2.0 Professional Set Caulking/Sealant Repair System

As a contractor or any frequent concrete project DIY-er, you should invest in a time-saving, multipurpose tool that will not only let you work faster, but will also deliver quality results to each and every job. The FEIN Supercut FSC 2.0 Professional Set Caulking/Sealant Repair is a high performance system for interior construction and renovation with special accessories for the most common applications in caulking and sealant repair, and Ace Cutting includes special options for managing caulking and assisting with repairing sealant cracks with the Supercut FSC 2.0.!

Here are some of the standout qualities of FEIN’s FSC 2.0:

High Oscillation and Easy, Efficient Tool Change

With over 140 years of experience, the Supercut is one of the best oscillators out there, with an incredible rate of 18,500 oscillations per minute that allow it to perform under any situation without trouble.

An intriguing and unique feature of the FEIN Supercut is the ease at which you can switch each of the different tools without using a wrench. You can swap each tool quickly as you are working the job, saving time throughout the process. 

Versatile and Portable

As FEIN designed this tool with the contractor in mind, it is versatile, allowing you to work from a variety of angles and directions—letting you get at hard-to-reach areas that you couldn’t before. With a tool allowing easy access to corners and portability, the job can be performed most efficiently. 

5 Powerful Cutting Blades and Dust Extraction

Kit blades included allow for material cutting in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and more, cutting through a variety of surfaces with ease and setting you up for a clean job site.

Sealant removal can sometimes be a pain, but with the FEIN, the job goes much faster, as you cut through caulk cleanly and with ease before re-caulking. The FEIN Supercut’s dust extraction tool assists not only during the job process, but in the clean up phase as well. 

Ergonomic Design and Vibration-Absorbing Handle

With an ergonomic design and a vibration-absorbing handle, it’s easy to see that FEIN put a lot of effort into making one outstanding product to handle the majority of needs without requiring investment in a number of other tools.

To learn more about the Fein Supercut FSC 2.0 Professional Set Caulking/Sealant Repair system, call us today and speak with one of our concrete professionals!

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