In the business of concrete cutting, it is inevitable that contractors will be left with dust and debris waste. And when it comes to chalk dust filter vacuums to do the job, all except one fail to ensure efficiency and autonomy on the project site. Pulse-Bac Vacuum Series provide concrete cutting contractors with reliable 100% automatic vacuum service.

Pulse-Bac offers state of the art chalk and debris cleaning technology alongside award-winning customer service to contractors around the world. As a top selling commercial concrete cutting vacuum manufacturer, Pulse-Bac denotes avant-garde systems in the face of traditional chalk filter vacuums. It is not unknown, that majority of the chalk filter vacuums on the market are easily susceptible to clogging. In fact, 50% of suction is lost to consistent machine clogging. This forces contractors to take time to remove and systematically clean each filter.

The Pulse-Bac Series of chalk filter vacuums, offered by Ace Cutting, resolves these issues and puts concrete contractors back to their trade. Each Pulse-Bac vacuum of the series is engineered with top of the line components to meet the needs of concrete contractors.

Specifications and Features

  • Automatic Pulse Clean Technology
  • Cyclonic Debris Management Sensor
  • Tank Capacity Sensor
  • Engineered Dust Containment Shrouds
  • One Year Warranty

Models and Attributes
The Pulse-Bac Series offers four chalk filter vacuum series for general maintenance cleanups and commercial cleanups. For the general cleanups, Pulse-Bac offers the 500 Series Vacuum to combat dust and debris from hand power tools and surface preparation. The company also provides the 1000 series options for commercial grade performance. Ace Cutting holds the 1000 Series 20 Gallon Tank Vacuum, the 1000 Series 360 Bagger Vacuum, as well as the 1000 Series 55 Gallon Drum Vac.

Available at Ace Cutting
There is no question that Pulse-Bac Chalk Filter Vacuum Series provide the best value on the market. With no blowers, compressors, shakers or push-buttons, the vacuum series’ ergonomic and simple design will leave every concrete cutting cleanup fast, easy, and efficient. Call Ace Cutting today at (888)-283-2597 for more information on Pulse-Bac.

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