One of the basic activities a concrete operator engages in is core drilling. While many contractors believe this is a simple process requiring basically just having the right drill for the job, some education is needed to ensure it is done efficiently and properly, without mistakes. Proper knowledge and the proper tools are both essentials when it comes to core drilling.

Core Drilling Applications

The basic principles of core drilling involve use of a drill to remove a cylinder of material (referred to as the core). Core drilling can be performed on metal, concrete and even masonry. It also comes in handy for projects such as installing airport runway taxi lights, road and highway manhole work, and buildings construction. This is why it is important to know the differences between the varieties of core drills available; so that you are sure you’re using the ideal one for the job.

Core Drills for Smaller Jobs – The Weka DK 16 Hand-Held

Ace Cutting offers different types of core drills for all projects. The WEKA DK16 Hand-Held Core Drill is excellent for smaller jobs. It has a water connection when needed for wet coring, and two leveling bubbles for accurate coring ensure you are drilling with complete accuracy. It’s lightweight at only 22 pounds, and includes a carrying case that makes it easy to transport.

Heavy Duty Drill Rigs - The M5 Heavy Duty Q.D. Combination Core Drill Rig

If you need something a bit more advanced, Ace also offers the M5 Heavy Duty Q.D. Combination Core Drill Rig is an option that meets all of your drilling needs. What’s perfect about the M5 is its quick disconnect motor mount, which is designed to make removing the motor quick and easy, without too much of a hassle. It also includes a dual switch control panel and a quick release vacuum button.

Custom Drill Rigs

Of course, if this drill doesn’t suit your needs, Ace provides custom-designed drill rigs. These are for contractors and professionals who are familiar with all aspects of core drilling and want to design the perfect rig to help with a variety of projects. As a contractor, you will run into some components that you like and those you don’t. Being able to design and build a custom rig is the chance to get one that does exactly what you need it to do.

Diamond Core Bits for Core Drilling

Ace also carries an assortment of diamond core bits for various jobs. Our Star Blue Wet Diamond Core Bit is a nice general core bit for cured concrete and other hard materials while our Dry Star Blue Diamond Core Bit is made for soft brick and block. Whether you need a drill, a custom rig, or any of the various core bits described above, contact us at Ace Cutting to assist with your core drilling projects today.

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