With recent advancements in the concrete industry, there are now new ways to fix cement cracks and sunken concrete slabs. Before, various elements such as wood and even plastic were used to level concrete back to its original condition. Today, you can use simple yet effective repair methods to fix concrete foundation issues. Each of these methods requires a skilled professional to fix the problem without causing any further damage.

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when working on concrete foundation repair is that smaller jobs benefit the most from slabjacking, while piering is better suited for larger repair jobs. If the concrete you are looking to fix is sunken and cracked in tiny pieces, it may be time to replace the concrete slab altogether. A concrete professional with experience can evaluate the situation and make the best recommendation for any concrete foundation repair job.

Slabjacking for Concrete Slab Repair

Slabjacking, also be called mudjacking, is a process addressing the majority of concrete repair issues. Slabjacking starts with a contractor drilling holes around the area that needs to be repaired. Each contractor has different standards for how many holes, how large in diameter the holes are and how far apart each of the series of holes are placed for each job. Once the holes have been drilled, the contractor pumps a slurry mixture into the holes. The mixture can vary from contractor to contractor, so it’s important to ask them what they use.

As the mixture is poured into the ground via the drilled holes, the damaged concrete will start to level itself back to where it was initially. The mixture fills out all of the voids and empty pockets underneath the sunken concrete, which significantly helps with stabilizing the concrete area and protecting from any other damage that may possibly happen in the future. 

Piering to Repair Concrete Foundations

While slabjacking is a great fix for smaller issues such as cracks in sidewalks or backyard patios, piering is the method of choice for larger concrete repair issues. Homeowners who are having issues with their home’s concrete foundation typically seek out contractors for piering repair fixes.

Piering involves installing steel pipes into the foundation of a building or deck, etc. in order to correct the damaged concrete that is not properly leveled. Piering is very effective; homeowners like it because it is not only secure and safe once properly applied, but is also significantly cheaper than repairing the concrete in its entirety.


When deciding whether to employ slabjacking or piering for your concrete foundation or slab repair, it is important to find a highly qualified company to give you an estimate on which route is right for the project. If completed by an unqualified professional, each of these methods carry significant risk of inefficient work, complications, and further damage that will need repairing down the road.

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