Prepping a concrete surface is essential for achieving a professional versus amateur finished product. Concrete floor grinders are important in the prepping process and can be used in a variety of concrete projects from texturing to removing old paint. Understanding how they work is key to ensuring you are employing the correct applications for the job.

How Concrete Floor Grinders Work

Typically, concrete floor grinders work in a rotary motion. This means that the grinder moves in a circular motion, which lessens the impact on the floor.

Use a concrete floor grinder in the surface prepping process, before applying paint or protective coatings. Or, use it afterward to clean up the concrete, pick up grease and dirt deposits and level uneven places.

Varieties for Many Surfaces and Finishes

There are a variety of concrete floor grinders used for multiple purposes. Concrete contractors do not have to invest in several machines; they can invest in one concrete grinder and then get attachments to allow them to work on multiple surfaces. Contractors can also buy multiple grinder attachments to achieve various finishes.

Polishing Stones and Pads for Concrete Grinders

You can also find different concrete polishing pads and polishing stones for your grinder in a variety of grits that will help with your surface prep. Tungsten-carbide stones work best for removal of materials such as thick paints or rubber deposits. Silicon-carbide stones can be used for uneven leveling and for smoothing marks. There are also diamond-segmented stones available for grinders that help with removing any thin coatings that may be on the concrete previously.

To get the best result for your job, contact Ace Cutting so that we can assist you in finding the right stone and concrete grinder to fit your needs.

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