A-3SCW Triple On-Slab Self Propelled Wireless Air Drill

A-3SCW Triple On-Slab Self Propelled Wireless Air Drill

Tired of dealing with lack of efficiency and accuracy in your concrete drilling projects because of equipment? No fear, Minnich has a remedy for you. Minnich’s 3-Gang drills offer top-quality precision and power to make your work days fast and easy. With exceptional skid steering and self-propelling units, these machines are first in their league.

A-3SC Triple On-Slab Self-Propelled Air Drill

With capabilities of towing an air compressor with crab steering, the A-3SC Triple On-Slab drill by Minnich provides contractors unrelenting power and control for any project that comes their way.  The drill features adjustable drill heights as well as centers and depths to allow versatility with vertical and horizontal drilling projects. The machine itself comprises of three 50 pound pneumatic drills fixed upon a three wheel frame. With three individual drills on a three wheel mount there is no questioning the “3-Gang” title given.

Alongside these features, the drill includes an on-grade kit and paint marker to maximize drilling precision even at a depth of 18.” For contractors in need of easy-to-use controls and feature capabilities beyond compare, this on-slab drill is for you, allowing you to cut slab without needing to shift the drill bed.

A-3SC Triple On-Slab Self-Propelled Wireless Air Drill

If you are looking for an increased stress-reliever on your projects, you may want to invest a little more for wireless capabilities in your machine. Not only does this product have the same features as the manual air drill, but it includes auto-control power steering and brakes to make sure your safety comes first and your production time is capitalized.

The A-3SC Triple On-Slab Wireless allows contractors to drill five holes at one time while simultaneously cutting down slab to drill the proceeding five holes. This drill breeds efficiency and does so with wireless control ability, allowing you to stand apart from the drill site. With the trifecta of safety, efficiency, and accuracy propelled by machine design, this air drill is a contractor’s first choice in on-slab concrete cutting. 

Dust Collection Add-On for Dust and Debris Control

With every concrete cutting project, minimizing and controlling dust is always a concern. As the third entity in the 3-Gang group, Minnich provides a dust collection system to combat the debris from on-slab air drills. This product comprises of dowel-pin drills and Venturi style suction to eradicate the dust remains. Meeting OSHA’s Table 1 filter requirements, offering manual or automatic purge control, and adapting to competitor air drills the Minnich Dust Collection System is a must on the concrete contractor’s equipment list.

Invest in a 3-Gang for Your Next Project

Don’t let inefficient equipment prevent you from getting a job done with efficiency. Invest in equipment that will last. For more information on Minnich’s 3-Gang Drills and equipment purchase decisions, contact Ace Cutting at (888) 283-2597.

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