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A-1-48 Minnich On-Grade Air Drill

We are talking the most adaptable on-grade air drill surfacing the market. It can drill concrete slab horizontally, vertically, in walls, and even 6” from a corner. No need to purchase those conversion kits or equipment extensions for hard to reach corners anymore; the A-1-48 Minnich On-Grade Air Drill will solve those problems.

Features and Specifications

The A-1-48 Minnich On-Grade Air Drill is part of Minnich’s A-1 series Single Dowel Pin Drilling Units. It features a NEW Pistol Grip Control Valve. This addition allows operators ease of control with an “ON” position function that capitalizes on manual control. The device also comprises of adjustable handles for the operator’s maximum comfort and an appropriate foot base to increase leverage in drilling.

The drill, supported by flat-proof tires and an ergonomic frame, allows for versatility of motion and quick repositioning. It includes a one wheel on-grade positioning option complimented by a two wheel on-grade option for premium drill accuracy on horizontal cuts. For wall and vertical drilling, Minnich provides a zero clearance wall alignment and a vertical configuration to improve production. The A-1-48 Minnich On-Grade Air Drill allows operators to cut out a 48” concrete or slab cut with 18” drilling depth.

Drill Maintenance

As a contractor, jobs can surmount, and you need a product that will perform with little repair and within a budget. This Minnich air drill has minimal maintenance needs and is known for its durability and lasting longevity. Operators simply need to check bolts daily for tightness and make sure the machine is properly lubricated.

In order to sustain unhindered performance from your on-grade drill, remember to lubricate at hourly intervals and maintain daily machine checkups. Take advantage of the new “ON” position feature option that the A-1 series provides in order to avoid unnecessary dry firing.

A-1-48 for Your Next Project

If you're in need of a drill that can cut concrete with unprecedented versatility for those hard to reach areas, you are in need of Minnich’s A-1-48 Minnich On-Grade Air Drill. At Ace Cutting, we offer Minnich’s A-1 series with information on usage and maintenance for your projects. If you are interested in learning more about the A-1 series or other on-grade air drills, call us today at 888-283-2597.

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