The Thinwall Handheld Wet Diamond Core Bit.

Thinwall Handheld Wet Diamond Core Bit

Concrete professionals have an assortment of tasks that they may have to do on a job site. While some contractors only pour driveways or fix cracks, others work on the more commercial side, setting up powerful foundations for businesses and buildings. It’s important to remember that if you are work on the commercial side of concrete, you need both a solid plan as well as the right tools to properly execute the task. Drilling concrete cores are one of those tasks where you definitely need to have the right tools and the right plan laid out ahead of time.

Step 1: Adequate Water

While creating a concrete core (also known as concrete coring) you are generally removing an area of concrete. During this process, it is important that you drill into the concrete in a particular way to get the desired effect. The first very important step in the concrete drilling process is making sure that you are drilling with adequate water. Experienced drillers know that making sure to use the right amount of water is vital for effective concrete drilling.

Step 2: Adequate Anchoring

Once the drill is set up, it is important to have an adequate anchoring system to ensure that you are coring correctly and keeping the cut straight. Physical anchors are essential to getting a professional finish. A base vacuum can also assist in getting a professional cut. Note that depending on the area, some tasks will not benefit from having a base vacuum, as extra debris and water may cause damage to the vacuum.

Step 3: Determine Drill Speed

Once you have the drill area anchored properly, use the drill at the proper speed and power in order to core out the right amount of concrete for the job. Determining the correct drill speed in revolutions per minute (also known as “rpm”) will make sure you get the best cut. Once you have the right speed and are working with the correct speed-to-bit ratio, it’s important to monitor the power as well to make sure you don’t lose productivity with your drill.

Need a Concrete Drill Bit?

If you need a concrete drill bit not for a building foundation, but just for thin walls, Diamond Products provide the ThinWall Handheld Wet Diamond Core Bit. This general-purpose core bit comes in several sizes and is designed to get you through thinner slabs of concrete at a faster rate. Used only for wet cutting methods, this core bit will give you a 5/8” to 11” hub that will help with day-to-day concrete coring.

Concrete Cutting Questions?

If you need a handheld for a larger concrete coring process or if you have more questions about tools you should have on hand while working with concrete, contact us at Ace Cutting today so that we can assist you. We strive to keep our customers happy by providing exceptional service, and having in depth knowledge on the right concrete tools for the job.

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