Soff Cut X5000 Husqvarna Concrete Saw

Soff Cut X5000 Husqvarna Concrete Saw

Not all saws are built with the customer in mind, but Husqvarna puts contractors first in their product design and develop saws that can tackle those tough operations. Concrete contractors are required to handle all types of projects, including highways and other paving jobs. When these tasks arise, it’s important to have a tool that can perform with precision and efficiency. In the end, it can save you time, money, and guarantee another job. The Soff Cut X5000 Concrete Saw by Husqvarna is the perfect saw for this type of work.

X5000 for Concrete Applications

The X5000 is a self-propelled gas saw, specifically designed for highway and paving applications. It has a variety of features, including a 27 hp engine with overhead values and full pressure lubrication. This saw is designed to help you through your concrete applications, providing several blade widths and joint width options. The X5000 is designed to allow a 4” depth cut, making it a unique saw for its class.

The X5000 comes with a control panel to help you with system operations as well as an electronic remote key start and choke. The saw is powerful with its appealing aluminum frame and incorporated 25 HP engine. It even has electronic adjustable handles, making it easy to fulfill any worker’s needs. Its 20-amp charging system allows quick recharging so that there is no wait before your next job. 

Early Cutting Capabilities 

The Soff Cut is a patented design by Husqvarna in that it is capable of early cutting – you can use this saw between the first and second hour of finishing a set as well as before a final set. No more waiting hours for the concrete to cure and dry, as this saw is a first in its class, making it easy and beneficial to most contractors.

The Dry-Cut Diamond Blade

The X5000 uses a patented dry-cut diamond blade, making it capable of cutting through concrete that is not fully dry. With an anti-ravel skid plate safety arbor, this device is first in its kind, setting the bar high for the future of concrete saws.

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