The T7500 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum.

T7500 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum

It’s no wonder that Husqvarna continues to be known as a leading manufacturer in quality equipment in the construction and labor industry. They are dedicated to not only providing superior products to contractors, with features to assist with all aspects of a project, but they are also dedicated to safety and keeping their tools up to date for new safety regulations.

T7500 Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum

With all of the new OSHA regulations coming into full effect regarding the amount of dust allowed on job sites and how to filter and dispose of that dust properly, Husqvarna developed the T7500 Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum. This vacuum has a 230v-3 phase turbine motor that is powerful, yet quiet enough to keep up with the company’s high standards for airflow and performance. The T7500 is perfect for all floor grinders that you are likely to use on job sites for years to come.

A New Versatility

What’s great about the T7500 is the ability to clean out the pre-filter without taking the unit apart. This is a huge benefit in the concrete industry because so often concrete workers delay the cleaning of their tools, which compromises the quality of air on the jobsite. With the T7500, it’s a simple negative air pressure jet pulse that allows employers to clean the air filters easily, providing better protection while they are working.

T7500 Dust Extractor Vacuum Specifications

Just like the rest of the vacuums in the T line, the T7500 is designed with an easy to use control panel that allows you to start the vacuum with one touch. Built in protection ensures that your motor never overloads or overheats while you are operating it.

Need Help Finding a Dust Cutting Vacuum?

With a one year warranty and standing up to these incredible features, it's no question that Husqvarna out did themselves with a superior product for concrete professionals. If you would like to learn more about this vacuum or other vacuums in the T line, contact Ace Cutting today so we can discuss all the options available to you.

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