Red Wolverine track saw package on concrete wall

Wolverine Track Saw Package

If you need to do any type of sawing on a horizontal AND vertical space, then you will need the best track and wall saws on the market. Track and wall saws are capable of precise cutting depths that range anywhere from 12” to 33.” Depending on the type of task at hand – whether you are cutting doors, cutting large concrete columns, or repairing a ceiling, you will need a saw capable of handling the project without hassle.

Many track-and-wall saws come with various options, allowing you to control them with a crewmember or, in some cases, with a remove—providing an extra layer of safety to your workers. No matter what type of track or wall saw you elect, it should leave a smooth finish without damaging the structure you are cutting.

The Track Saw 

Ace carries a Wolverine Track Saw Package, which comes equipped with a 30” hydraulic hand saw, including a 7’ and 5’ section of track and brackets. The package also includes a heavy duty saw carriage and quick connect brackets, making it versatile alongside its 8, 10, 12 or 15 GPM motor.

This hydraulic saw is capable of cutting up to 12” deep, with a stop value that will bring the blade to a complete stop within just a few short sections of the trigger release. This ensures that you and your employees are safe out on the field. It is the best all-around package for anyone who needs a saw that can handle multiple projects.

The Wall Saw 

If you are working on a project with a wall saw, the CC1600 Hydraulic Wall Saw is perfect for the job. It offers a variety of options with dependable cutting capability and superior strength. It has a maximum depth cut of 31.5”, enabling it to provide precision for any cut such as flush and angle.

 It comes with a maximum flow and pressure of 30 GPM and a 35 HP maximum at 30 GPM. This is perfect for having enough power to finish any job that might come your way. With a solid design and economical body repair, the CC1600 is a device able to tackle various projects with ease.

Call the Ace Cutting Professionals

It’s easy to become overwhelmed about what type of track and wall saw you will use, depending on your project. It’s important to make sure you have one capable of what it’s intended to do. Contact Ace Cutting for advice and suggestions on which track and wall saw will be perfect for your application out in the field.

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