How great would it be if there was just one adhesive that we could use for all repairs around the house? Well, unfortunately, there isn’t one of the sort yet, but we’ll break down the various types of adhesives that are available for you here and discuss when to use them. This should help when you find yourself in need of using an adhesive for home repairs.

Caulk to Seal Cracks

First, the most widely used adhesive for repair is caulk. The intent of caulk is actually to be used to seal cracks around the home where a flexible joint is needed. If you are using caulk in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure it is moisture-resistant and paintable. You should only use caulk if the gap or crack you are filling is less than ¼ inch wide. Otherwise, you will want to use a spray foam to fill the larger gaps, and finish the job with caulk.

Caulk comes in 2 forms:

  • A tube that fits in a caulk gun, and uses pressure to deliver caulk to the gap
  • A smaller tube that lets you squeeze the caulk directly from the tube for smaller jobs

If you are using a caulk gun, you will pull the plunger all the way back, rotate it so the teeth of the arm are facing the trigger, and pull the trigger to apply pressure. If the caulk tube didn’t come with a cap, you can improvise and use a wire nut to seal the tube when you are done. If you don’t seal the tube, the caulk will quickly dry out and be unusable.

Wood Glue for Wood Repair

If you are in need of repairing wood, then wood glue is the right choice, and there are several types to choose from.

Use carpenters glue when you need to sand, paint or stain wood as a last step in the repair.

If the wood is going to be exposed to moisture, then choose water-resistant wood glue.

In the world of wood glues, there is also a fairly new option. Polyurethane-based glues such as Gorilla Glue require a damp surface to activate the adhesive in the glue, and they expand within the crack or gap to fill it in and bond permanently. The drawback to the polyurethane-based adhesives is that they’re not ideal for sanding or painting. They do dry clear, however.

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