Cast In Place Yellow ADA Tile #33538

About Cast In Place Tactile
Made from colorfast and UV stable homogenous glass alongside carbon composite, this architectured tactile is designed for new curb ramps, concrete cutting construction, and durable solution to fluctuating weather conditions.

The tiles are constructed with fiberglass truncated domes to provide maximum strength from everyday wear and tear. Implemented using freshly poured concrete, these ramp devices have ¼” nominal thickness with a 3” surface cover of embedment ribs for easy traction. A plastic sheeting covers each tactile to ensure protection and longevity.

Specifications and Features
Ace Cutting offers 5 Cast In Place Tactiles including traditional and replaceable models. The only difference with replaceable being that their shapes are available in both regular and radius alongside a 100% Replaceable Detectable Warning. The replaceable models are also the only of their kind on the market


Besides the color variations, all tactiles are compliant with all major municipalities including DPW’s and state DOT’s. They also meet the requisites with the American Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), the Public Right-Of-Way (PROW), as well as California Title 24 Requirements ADA Solutions Inc.  

Which Cast In Place Tactile is Right For You?
If you are working in the public sector of the commercial concrete cutting industry, Cast In Place Tactile designs provide contractors premium surface grade material to ensure safety and stability. Available in different sizes, 24” X 36”, 24” X 48”, 24” X 60”, 36” X 48”, and 36” X 60”, there is no difficulty in finding the tile for your jobsite. For more information on Cast In Place Tactiles and larger orders contact Ace Cutting at (888)-283-2597!

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