As a contractor, you will run into situations where you need to cut a project with precision and without jeopardizing quality and materials. While there are a plethora of wire saws on the market that can do the job, there is only one that can give you the best precision cuts. The diamond wire saw is the answer. It is a newer, advanced wire saw that can help cut larger or restricted areas effortlessly and at a low cost.

Superior Sawing for Flexible, Accurate Cutting

Diamond wire sawing is a superior flexible sawing method with a wide variety of applications. The approach combines a unique blend of diamonds that comprise the braided wire wrap around larger or difficult-to-reach areas of concrete and masonry. Once wrapped around, the saw is then operated by pulleys that maneuver the wire, offering proficiency and accuracy for the operator. With its distinctive method of wrapping around the material and integrated diamond dust, the tool provides more functionality than competing blades as well as an unmatched cutting versatility for various jobs.

Cost Effective and Lower Waste

Of course, diamond wire sawing may not be the preferred technique by all contractors, but in many cases, this method is the most cost effective option for precision cuts. Whether it be cutting dry or submerged wet materials, diamond wire sawing can be cost-effective and reduce material waste in relation to that of solid blades.

Wire Abrasion Cuts a Variety of Materials

Unlike solid blades, diamond wire sawing uses abrasion to cut in place of saw teeth. This combined with a thinner blade, allows the diamond wire saw to make exact cuts with ease. These saws are perfect when it comes to working with soft and brittle materials as well as natural stone. The best part is that the diamond wires are easily replaceable at nearby hardware stores.

Diamond Wire Saws for Maximum Performance

When it comes to projects that require precision cuts at a cost effective price, diamond wire saws can maximize production and minimize material waste.

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