The T7500 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum.

T7500 Husqvarna 230V Hepa Dust Extractor Vacuum

Keeping workers safe on the job site is an important issue all companies and contractors must pay attention to. Over the years we have learned that certain materials can cause serious health issues for individuals in the construction industry. With OSHA’s new regulations that are coming into effect soon for job sites, dust extractor vacuums are going to be an important staple in many job sites.

What is a Dust Extractor Vacuum?

To put it simply, a dust extractor vacuum is a tool designed to help vacuum up the dust that can occur when performing a number of tasks (cutting concrete, sawing, etc.). With today’s emphasis on keeping construction workers healthy, these vacuums are designed to make sure workers can easily clean and filter dangerous particles with ease, as per OSHA’s new regulation, these vacuums need to have a self-cleaning feature.

Complying with OSHA Regulations

OSHA regulations spell out specific standards for managing silica on the job site. This includes having a 99% or more efficient filter that provides sufficient air flow (the equipment manufacturer’s recommendation) and that vacuums have a self-clean feature. OSHA’s regulation for having a self-clean feature is designed so that the vacuums will not get clogged with the amount of dust they are extracting, making the process safer for construction workers and minimizing their risk of exposure.

Brands such as DeWalt, Husqvarna and others within the industry have been working hard to develop adequate vacuums that meet the new safety standards so that the job site foreman can feel confident knowing that they are meeting new regulation standards and keeping their employees safe.

Dust Extractor Design

Their new vacuums are designed to ensure that the dust is collected WHILE they are operating the machinery. This keeps less dust in the air for workers to breathe in, while keeping job sites as clean as possible. Once employees are done, they can simply take the containers from these tools and dispose of the dust safely. These types of vacuums meet OSHA’s new regulation standards and allow workers to work efficiently and safely, without worry about their exposure to silica.

Is Your Equipment Up to Code?

With the new regulations in place concerning the known serious health conditions that can result from dust, it’s important to have the right equipment that will get the job done. If you need more information on dust vacuums or if you are unsure if your equipment at work is up to code, contact Ace today so that we can make sure you are protected on the job.

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