See the Wolverine Track saw in use through their YouTube video, 6 foot section of track, mounting a hydraulic hand saw, and the ability to cut up to 12" deep with a perfectly straight cut. 



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Powder-coated steel track is lightweight, very strong and can be set up easily
Heavy duty carriage holds the saw securely
Gear-driven system can be run with hand crank or hand drill
Quick disconnect system allows you to mount your handsaw to the track system in seconds
System is expandable; additional tracks can be purchased separately



Cut more safely & easily -- eliminate fatigue and risk of kickback when using the wall saw system
Cut straighter --the track system ensures perfectly straight cuts
Cut faster -- let the system do the work and see productivity soar
Cut deeper -- use the 24” and 30” Wolverine saws to cut up to 12” thick walls
Flush cut -- safely flush cut using your flush cut combo handsaw
Increased blade life -- track mounting your handsaw will increase blade life by up to 50%
Increase your profit -- this Wolverine is affordable and can be run using your existing Wolverine hand saw and power pack

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